clint (I)
His opinions give hm away. (nm)
Sat Dec 2, 2017 3:38pm

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    • wrong assumptiondonk, Mon Feb 5 7:10pm
      I think he is nuts because he is. I won't bother to count the ways, but he really is a dangerous price to pay for our electing Obama. I'm reminded of the title, The World According to Garp only... more
    • It's not the medium, it's the message.Poppet, Sat Dec 2 9:40pm
      Lots of people use Twitter and manage not to sound like a petulant, hyper-entitled middle-schooler. For my part, I'm not ready to assert that Trump's inane, narcissistic tweets indicate that he's non ... more
      • distance (as to his sanity), but it is certainly NOT impossible to JUDGE HIM based on the content of his words, behavior, and tweets. He reveals himself to be a malignant narcissist, whether demented ... more
        • very possibly a sociopath. As someone a little ways along on that spectrum, I suspect it's only my love of philosophy (and that field's absolute requirement for objective truth) that prevented... more
          • Consider thisPikes, Wed Feb 7 11:36am
            I like your noxious tendencies. I dislike Trump's. I suspect had Trump met you and attempted to be himself, a little along the way of that spectrum, today we might not be discussing Trump. If you... more
            • Mine are (more-or-less) in check.Poppet, Fri Feb 9 11:43am
              Trump has no filter, no self-control. It probably helps that I am, I suspect, a rather less emotional person, but since I don't actually know the guy, that's hard to say. But I slip "off the wagon"... more
              • RestraintPikes, Fri Feb 9 12:24pm
                Tedesco's wife called him "Tranquillo." I love that nickname. Wish I was called that. But such things are earned, and I have not earned it. You and I are disciplined. Trump is not. Very easy for us... more
          • She is unquestionably a sociopath.Sia☺giah, Wed Feb 7 11:32am
            I just left it out because it would suggest that I was "diagnosing tRUMP" from a distance. However, since it is "out there", were I to offer an educated guess about tRUMP, albeit, from a distance,... more
            • I like that analysis.Poppet, Fri Feb 9 11:47am
              I'm good at reading people in some ways (sociopath defense mechanism...), but some aspects completely escape me. I doubt I'd have been able to identify that hidden need-to-please in your niece. I... more
              • "need to please" people. I kept her at arm's length for most of her life as it was visible to me from her age 3+ on that she was going to grow into a monster, capable of and willing to destroy ANYONE ... more
    • His opinions give hm away. (nm) — clint (I), Sat Dec 2 3:38pm