It's not the medium, it's the message.
Sat Dec 2, 2017 9:40pm

Lots of people use Twitter and manage not to sound like a petulant, hyper-entitled middle-schooler. For my part, I'm not ready to assert that Trump's inane, narcissistic tweets indicate that he's non compos mentis. He may very well be experiencing the first onset of dementia, but I don't have remotely enough reliable information to make that call (which would be that of a layperson, anyway). One hears rumors, purportedly from White House insiders...but they're only that: rumors. I don't trust rumors.

I do, however, think that Trump's tweets are a pretty good insight into his personality. And it's not a pretty sight...

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    • wrong assumptiondonk, Mon Feb 5 7:10pm
      I think he is nuts because he is. I won't bother to count the ways, but he really is a dangerous price to pay for our electing Obama. I'm reminded of the title, The World According to Garp only... more
    • It's not the medium, it's the message. — Poppet, Sat Dec 2 9:40pm
      • distance (as to his sanity), but it is certainly NOT impossible to JUDGE HIM based on the content of his words, behavior, and tweets. He reveals himself to be a malignant narcissist, whether demented ... more
        • ...is very possibly a sociopath. As someone a little ways along on that spectrum, I suspect it's only my love of philosophy (and that field's absolute requirement for objective truth) that prevented... more
          • Consider thisPikes, Wed Feb 7 11:36am
            I like your noxious tendencies. I dislike Trump's. I suspect had Trump met you and attempted to be himself, a little along the way of that spectrum, today we might not be discussing Trump. If you... more
            • Mine are (more-or-less) in check.Poppet, Fri Feb 9 11:43am
              Trump has no filter, no self-control. It probably helps that I am, I suspect, a rather less emotional person, but since I don't actually know the guy, that's hard to say. But I slip "off the wagon"... more
              • RestraintPikes, Fri Feb 9 12:24pm
                Tedesco's wife called him "Tranquillo." I love that nickname. Wish I was called that. But such things are earned, and I have not earned it. You and I are disciplined. Trump is not. Very easy for us... more
          • She is unquestionably a sociopath.Sia☺giah, Wed Feb 7 11:32am
            I just left it out because it would suggest that I was "diagnosing tRUMP" from a distance. However, since it is "out there", were I to offer an educated guess about tRUMP, albeit, from a distance,... more
            • I like that analysis.Poppet, Fri Feb 9 11:47am
              I'm good at reading people in some ways (sociopath defense mechanism...), but some aspects completely escape me. I doubt I'd have been able to identify that hidden need-to-please in your niece. I... more
              • "need to please" people. I kept her at arm's length for most of her life as it was visible to me from her age 3+ on that she was going to grow into a monster, capable of and willing to destroy ANYONE ... more