I didn't take her to be saying that sports are related to
Sun Dec 3, 2017 12:10am

sexy, scantly dressed women peddling alcohol & food, but to be highlighting an analogy where football players who routinely tackle one another in violent attack or boxers who beat each other silly to make a living would be okay with some fan or observer tackling or beating them up on the street or anywhere else after the show is over -- any more than a woman who wears skimpy clothing at work wants to be jumped later on by someone who doesn't understand that just because she is nice to and smiles at him while working does NOT mean that she is free for the TAKING of anything he wants later on. Same principle. One is a job, the other is an assault.

Contrary to commonly spouted nonsense, you CAN be convicted of raping a prostitute. If you haven't agreed to exchange cash for services or she turned you down, then it IS rape, even if she sells her body for a living. Being a prostitute doesn't mean her body is free for the taking or that she wants to be "working" 24/7/365, even if you offer to pay for it but she says NO. What she does for a living is irrelevant under the law.

  • Just because there are reversible lanes for certain hours doesn't mean the traffic is flowing mosting in on direction. :P I'm not sure where you got the comparison to watching people play sports is... more
    • I didn't take her to be saying that sports are related to — Sia☺giah, Sun Dec 3 12:10am
    • Where?wondering, Tue Nov 28 3:34pm
      Just look at the environment where those suds are being sold. Sports bars have sexy bodies, both male and female, on display as they sell the suds. So do the stadiums have sexy bodies of players and... more