WTF is making you incapable of understanding that the
Sun Dec 3, 2017 12:35am

woman DID COMPLAIN and was shot down with "That's just Bush being Bush" ????????

She is a powerless victim who used what was AVAILABLE TO HER. Telling others what he did to her. NO ONE CARED.



  • I'm still waiting for an example of an immediate correction that failed.
    • WTF is making you incapable of understanding that the — Sia☺giah, Sun Dec 3 12:35am
      • I take it that....wondering, Sun Dec 3 6:23am
        what Sprout is saying is that if the woman doesn't immediately slap or punch the offender and risk being punched back (or possibly even killed) by a much stronger person, and risk being fired,... more
        • Not wait until later. Or complain to other people... How about simple "Stop!" in a clear and loud voice? How unreasonable is that?
          • Why do you think...wondering, Wed Dec 6 1:13am
            they didn't say "Stop!' or "No" at the time? Some guys don't seem to get the message, even when it is clear that their advances are not wanted or appreciated. Or maybe they do get the message, but... more
        • his INTENDED message or not is not quite as clear. IMHO, his actual intended message is "Look at me! I'd punch the offender out because I'm a tough guy and I do whatever I have to do, even if I get... more
          • Amazing how quickly you go from...Sprout, Tue Dec 5 10:44am
            "I am woman, hear me roar." to "I am a weak and helpless victim."
            • On the other hand it is not amazing...HeavyHemi, Tue Dec 5 1:09pm
              That you are blatantly dishonest in your characterization of her posts. We get it, you believe that unless a women physically confronts you immediately and screams no in your face repeatedly, she... more
          • I would think...wondering, Sun Dec 3 12:06pm
            that there are significant numbers of men, though probably far fewer than women, who have also been sexually harassed and assaulted. Sprout has already indicated that he would not appreciate someone... more
            • Well said. (nm)Sia☺giah, Mon Dec 4 2:35am
            • Meanwhile, back in the Senate...Pikes, Sun Dec 3 12:48pm
              A gentle no is as resolute and forceful as a bold, or an aggressive no. It doesn't mean proceed, or yes, or rape. No is no. It is sad when gropers like Trump, and Weinstein, or abusers like Lauer,... more