It's a very sticky situation, for sure.
Sun Dec 3, 2017 10:36am

There are valid arguments on BOTH SIDES. The baker certainly had his "conscience" to consider, but, my understanding is that he was VERY polite to them and offered alternative shops where they could have what they wanted without an issue.

IMHO, he behaved civilly and decently with that behavior, in spite of my complete disagreement with his view on gay marriage. He has a right to his opinions too.

YES, he also displayed some intolerance that wasn't especially pretty, but he did so in a manner that asked for understanding of HIS deeply held convictions and he actually tried to help the couple find what they wanted from others who didn't oppose gay marriage.

There MUST be some middle ground here. The man ALSO doesn't make Halloween cakes because it offends his deeply held convictions. That he will make gay themed cakes of ANYTHING but weddings, clearly shows that he was NOT trying to discriminate against gays, per se, but ONLY that he does not agree with gay MARRIAGE and respectfully declined to make that kind of wedding cake.

The gay couple absolutely behaved ABOMINABLY. They surely felt upset and hurt that the cake designer did not wish to create a gay wedding cake, but REALLY? SUE HIM when he was polite, cordial, clearly didn't discriminate against gays in general, and offered them alternatives who WOULD do exactly what they'd wanted.

A possible solution COULD have been to make them a cake but let THEM put the two male figures on the cake themselves.

I don't know how I'd rule on this one. The cake designer was seriously injured by their lawsuit, FAR IN EXCESS OF THEIR CLAIMED INJURY by his refusal. They had MANY OPTIONS available to them and eventually (presumably) DID get what they wanted elsewhere, but HE is still paying for following his principles. The law is not always the "right thing" in spite of it being the legal ruling. IMHO, the RIGHT THING would be for the gay couple to behave equally civil to him since he CLEARLY wasn't a gay basher given that he'd make cakes for ANY GAY CELEBRATION aside of gay MARRIAGE.

To me, that does say volumes in WHAT this man was standing up for, his honest religious beliefs, and NOT using them as a cover for blatant discrimination against everything "gay". He was simply opposing one small aspect of it, exercising his "free speech" from his POV, but being reasonable and accommodating in all others because it WASN'T about being gay.

It's true that which side is more, or less, likable isn't a valid determination of who legally wins, but it sure is a valid determination as to who "ETHICALLY" should win.

While I support Gay Marriage 100%, in this specific situation, I'm on the side of the baker. He was actually a Christian who was on the SIDE of gays being treated equally by society and only drew the line where his religion "draws the line" ie Gay Marriage. He could have been a powerful ally to gays because he was already on board with gays being treated well and fairly. Let his one objection stand and fight that battle another day. Now? FORGET IT. They set back relations between churches and gays by decades with this lawsuit instead.

In the OTHER situation where a baker refused to make ANYTHING for a gay couple and who clearly used his religion to discriminate against ALL GAYS, without exception, making it ABOUT being gay, plain and simple. THEY deserved to be slammed for that.

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      Just because one can, doesn't mean one should. There is enough tension in this subject to energize humanity forever. The wind up key doesn't need more turning.
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