Meanwhile, back in the Senate...
Sun Dec 3, 2017 12:48pm

A gentle no is as resolute and forceful as a bold, or an aggressive no. It doesn't mean proceed, or yes, or rape. No is no.

It is sad when gropers like Trump, and Weinstein, or abusers like Lauer, and Weiner do it so often, it become habit over N years. Put Bill Clinton there too. Sprout's point of immediate confrontation - or at least timely confrontation, beginning with "no" and then reporting the incident is meant to prevent surfacing of accusations N years later.

It doesn't matter where it happened, what she wore, what he wore. No is not an invitation to proceed.

I've never been in a Hooters or strip club. Don't they have strict "look but don't touch" policies? Isn't that what bouncers are for?

The female does what she needs to survive. After the fact, she should report it to somebody else ASAP and to as many people as possible, and date stamp document it. One might sweep it under the boys will be boys interpretation of "no." But somebody won't, and if reported soon and timely, it eliminates the doubt of stories resurrected N years later under what may appear dubious, ulterior, or political motivations.

With males the issue is more with underage teens who don't have the adult thinking skills to say "no." Many if not most would pounce on an opportunity for a free ride, opportunity presented. Locker room talk can't be underestimated. It's as bad as you can think, and sometimes worse. Usually it is present in "team" locker rooms where the on-field camaraderie extends to "in-bed" camaraderie. The "hot" teacher needs to be professional. There is no room in the profession for people in a position of trust to abuse that authority.

Meanwhile, back in the Senate...

  • I would think...wondering, Sun Dec 3 12:06pm
    that there are significant numbers of men, though probably far fewer than women, who have also been sexually harassed and assaulted. Sprout has already indicated that he would not appreciate someone... more
    • Meanwhile, back in the Senate... — Pikes, Sun Dec 3 12:48pm
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