THIS particular man was not a "gay hater". He made gay
Sun Dec 3, 2017 6:04pm

celebration cakes for anything but "weddings". IMHO, that WAS protected free speech ETHICALLY, even though not legally. He did not seek to discriminate against gays. He had many gay customers. Gay marriage was not legal in Colorado, and the wedding, itself, was not being held there. According to the laws of Colorado, AT THAT TIME, there was no reason for him to even have to think about making wedding cakes for gays. If the man did not carry "gay themed" figurines, is that any different from any other store that doesn't carry a particular type of decoration? Should the law REQUIRE stores to carry every conceivable decoration someone might want? He did not refuse to make a wedding cake for them, a PLAIN wedding cake. He simply said that he could not make a GAY THEMED wedding cake for them and offered several alternatives to them.

He was polite and civil throughout. He is NOT a "gay-basher" as he clearly accommodated gay themes in anything and everything else. He wasn't trying to discriminate against anyone as evidenced by his refusal to make anything Halloween themed. Most deeply religious Christians oppose Halloween, astrology, and gay marriage, but DON'T hate people who are gay, astrologers, or who love Halloween. They simply don't want to actively participate in gay marriages, Halloween parties, or go to an astrologer. So what? As long as they aren't actively trying to HURT others, why shouldn't their beliefs be respected too?

I'm 100% on the side of gay marriage. Two of my extended family members are gay. I support them completely and also DO understand their battles to get to equality. However, even THEY do not agree with the men who sued this baker because the baker could have been a major ALLY to the "cause", yet NOW, this lawsuit has caused most Christian churches to take a HARDER stand against gay marriage, and by extension, gays, in general. Instead of the (TRUE)Christian attitude that the baker held that gays are deserving of equality in every aspect of society, with the single exception of MARRIAGE in a Christian church, but still able to have legal CIVIL UNIONS -- NOW, the attitude is wariness about anything and everything "gay" for fear of being SUED.

It was an incredibly STUPID lawsuit IMHO !!

Absolutely sue the idiots who also made the news because who refused to make ANYTHING for gay folks, without exception, and tried to excuse their blatant discrimination behind religion... THEY deserved it and should have been made examples of. This baker did NOT deserve this.

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    • THIS particular man was not a "gay hater". He made gay — Sia☺giah, Sun Dec 3 6:04pm
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