ALL wedding cakes are eaten in halls
Sun Dec 3, 2017 6:38pm

Personally, I think the entire thing is totally ridiculous as I don't believe that anyone should have an issue with baking a cake for anyone else and see NO REASON why anyone gives a crap who marries whom... I just don't.

However, since people obviously DO care, both pro & con, there has to be some kind of solution that is fair to everyone.

I see NO REASON to go ballistic over one shop not wanting to make a gay wedding cake when they politely explained that it was a religious objection and most certainly NOT a "hate reason". That much should be obvious since the man makes anything else with gay themes for gay customers, so he clearly isn't a HATER.

Reasons DO matter, IMHO.

At the same time, the baker is equally an IDIOT for taking this SO FAR that he has injured himself so seriously for something that is NOT clearly "spelled out" in the bible and that, LYS, isn't actually the WEDDING ITSELF.

  • This Is About a wedding Cake, NotMerlin, Sun Dec 3 11:20am
    ;-) I don't buy that Christianity "draws the line" at baking a cake that is not part of the wedding ceremony will be eaten at a banquet hall, etc. after they are married. Mr. Phillips decided to make ... more
    • ALL wedding cakes are eaten in halls — Sia☺giah, Sun Dec 3 6:38pm