Barron has an involved mother who actually cares about
Mon Dec 4, 2017 12:40pm

him. He'll be fine. He'll be the child "left out" of the mess that his father leaves behind. Perhaps Tiffany will be spared as well.

The top 3? Ivana's children? Not on your life. They will all go down in the same flames as their father.

At SOME point, the GOP MUST disown tRUMP. Absolutely they will lose the segment stupid enough to LOVE tRUMP still, in spite of the obvious. But, it's their only REAL chance of surviving the tRUMP admin's insanity and damage to this country.

I am well aware of the "blood loss to the brain". However, I also made it abundantly clear that what I was talking about is NOT extreme lust brought on by circumstances, but deliberate choices to abuse and take advantage of weaker underlings "because they can".

  • Dick enablement = blood loss to the brainPikes, Tue Nov 28 10:55am
    God knows humanity seems full of that! Politics and entertainment make it public spectacle. Ever notice Barron raises himself? Dad isn't around much. Bet you Trump is passing on the parenting model... more
    • Barron has an involved mother who actually cares about — Sia☺giah, Mon Dec 4 12:40pm
      • The metaphorPikes, Tue Dec 5 12:25am
        blood loss to the brain meant "thinking with the little head." Like too many men do too often. Barron's only chance is with Melania, IF she can neutralize Donald's faults of influence enough. But... more
        • I knew exactly what you'd meant. LOLSia☺giah, Wed Dec 6 12:28am
          I was simply trying to point out that there's NO excuse for the premeditated decision for sexual harassment because there IS an actual brain still thinking then. Big difference from when someone is... more