Information may have a life of its own
Mon Dec 4, 2017 3:45pm

For years I followed DARPA research and findings, along with discoveries in astrophysics and neuroscience. Overwhelming and astonishing. The other day while working on Starlight, creating a black hole vortex animation, since space and time are in a sense two conceptual realities of a unified thing, I began thinking that maybe the singularity of a black hole - a worm hole, is a conduit through space and time back to the original Singularity before the Big Bang. Information that enters one is not only added to the specific black hole singularity, it is added to the original Singularity where it will remain until the cycle completes. I believe in the Big Crunch, that it will all return to the Singularity. I also believe matter and anti-matter are distributed on equal, opposite time loops. In linear function, it would be like a point on a moebius strip, and while at any given point, one side is anti-matter, and the other matter, that also changes with time.

The ultimate question of all this exploration is who are we?