Western public lands in Trump's vision
Tue Dec 5, 2017 12:23pm

He says the US government owns too much land. You know, the National Forests, Bureau of Land Management... National Parks and Monuments, wilderness areas etc.

While Theodore Roosevelt established the Dept of Interior, agriculture, the National Forests, and National Park system, that was made possible by a Executive Order from Abraham Lincoln to set aside western public lands, due to an appeal effort to save the California giant sequoias from lumber companies rapidly approaching the groves. At least four trees larger than any now standing were cut down before they were protected. Weight of the trunk smashed the wood into useless kindling, and the wood was found to be inferior to that of the taller coast redwood.

But now, Trump is maneuvering himself into a position to undo this Lincoln legacy.

Undo an EO of Lincoln?

Takes balls, don't it? Certainly a lack of brains.

Utah reserves are his first target, and the information left out is this is the nation's largest reserves of uranium. Much is on Native American reservation land. Trump's idea will allow uncontrolled mining and exploitation by American corporate. Makes him an "Indian giver" and probably the last and final US Government bureaucrat to sh!t on the American Indian.

This from the man who calls Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" as an open, racial insult.

We in the west have long cherished these public lands where one can go free and be free. In the east, public land is scarce. Most all is private property. To see that mistake made again is sickening.

I am kind of glad in a way, that I probably won't live to see the outcome of this. Crushes my heart.

Mark me. Trump is the destruction of America as we know it, empowered by the current GOP.

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    • Western public lands in Trump's vision — Pikes, Tue Dec 5 12:23pm
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