Do you honestly think it is reasonable for
Tue Dec 5, 2017 12:30pm

the federal gov't to own 80% of some states and less than 1% of others?

Do you honestly think that 85% of Nevada is such environmentally critical land, while at the same time believing that 99% of New York IS NOT?

  • Western public lands in Trump's visionPikes, Tue Dec 5 12:23pm
    He says the US government owns too much land. You know, the National Forests, Bureau of Land Management... National Parks and Monuments, wilderness areas etc. While Theodore Roosevelt established the ... more
    • Do you honestly think it is reasonable for — Sprout, Tue Dec 5 12:30pm
      • 'Reasonable' is a subjective claim.HeavyHemi, Tue Dec 5 1:02pm
        Do you believe that all states should have the same percentage? Do you realize that generally, as you go East, less land is under Fed control because it was populated first? Do you realize that the... more
      • You don't know what the flying shit your talking about, and I won't entertain it. We ALL own it, shitwit. Anyone can go on it. There is no trespass. You can explore to your hearts content. Hunt,... more