I think you better drop this argument here and now
Tue Dec 5, 2017 12:51pm

You don't know what the flying shit your talking about, and I won't entertain it.

We ALL own it, shitwit. Anyone can go on it. There is no trespass. You can explore to your hearts content. Hunt, fish, hike, climb, ride horseback, ride motocycles, ATVs, ski and snowshoe, paraglide from and over, drive on 4x4 trails, study wildlife, collect wildlife, raise livestock, look for minerals... find minerals, you can stake a claim, and you don't have to ask permission from anybody. You own any minerals you find. Lately camping on it sometimes requires a fee- same for hunting on it. That is to clean up the shit stupid, ignorant people leave behind - people who make messes of things where ever they go.

If you want to shit on Lincoln and his legacy, go ahead. I can't stop you. But after the fact, if you want to call yourself an "American," that title only reflects your origin. It in no way resembles your moral or ethical integrity.

  • Do you honestly think it is reasonable for Sprout, Tue Dec 5 12:30pm
    the federal gov't to own 80% of some states and less than 1% of others? Do you honestly think that 85% of Nevada is such environmentally critical land, while at the same time believing that 99% of... more
    • 'Reasonable' is a subjective claim.HeavyHemi, Tue Dec 5 1:02pm
      Do you believe that all states should have the same percentage? Do you realize that generally, as you go East, less land is under Fed control because it was populated first? Do you realize that the... more
    • I think you better drop this argument here and now — Pikes, Tue Dec 5 12:51pm