Deplorable Pheoma
It look like both of us are different than the norm
Tue Dec 5, 2017 2:50pm

I guess you must have a rather larger variety of deductions than the norm. I on the other hand am different too. Just have the wife's small pension and my farm income, which has been negative for the past 2 years. And then we a large amount of Capital gains from my father's estate, which get taxed at 0% in our tax bracket. The net effect is we don't pay much of anything. The State of Ohio is a whole lot different. A dollar is a dollar to them. I always have to pay them a generous amount.

The TPC is just a tool to compare the house and senate versions with the current law. I suppose it is fairly accurate for most normal folks, but really isn't a tax preparation tool. It doesn't even have provisions for capital gains.

I'm surpised that TT would have a new version out already, since the law hasn't even been passed. Did they use the house or the senate tax tables? They are quite different from each other. I don't trust tax software, so I push out the taxes the old fashioned way.

  • TT vs TPCPikes, Tue Dec 5 1:04pm
    I prep my own taxes with Turbo Tax. I ran my figures through it- a real tool, to discover because of exemptions and deductions I won't be able to claim anymore, my tax bill increases 2.99%. I don't... more
    • It look like both of us are different than the norm — Deplorable Pheoma, Tue Dec 5 2:50pm
      • MaybePikes, Tue Dec 5 3:51pm
        Because I am a "qualified performing artist," I get several 1099s from ensembles I work for, and also have my own business in commercial music. I have a small pension from my years in education too.... more