Plenty Of Examples Exist...
Tue Dec 5, 2017 3:02pm (XFF:

...that demonstrate the impact this is going to have on people.

Like students who no longer get to deduct their tuition waivers. Just look online. And look at what it is going to do to the deficit. And to medicare, medicaid, social security, and the ACA.

This is a transparent money grab for the rich.


  • Check this outDeplorable Pheoma, Tue Dec 5 6:23am I can't make it increase the taxes on $20-$70K families in a sustainable way. I suppose a person could come up with a unique situation where it would, but nothing... more
    • Plenty Of Examples Exist... — Amadeus, Tue Dec 5 3:02pm
      • Not only can't students deduct that-Pikes, Tue Dec 5 3:54pm
        Grants and scholarships are to be considered taxable income. Hits graduate level study hardest. Godd Damnn Trump.
        • clarification neededDeplorable Pheoma, Wed Dec 6 11:54am
          I'd never thought about this before, so I did a little research. According to IRS pub 17 page 97 In reference to misc income " Scholarships and fellowships . A... more
          • UncertainPikes, Wed Dec 6 12:33pm
            I know the rules are changing, and before the Senate these shifted back and forth a lot. So what ends up in the bill and law if it becomes that is unclear. But my understanding is some are trying to... more
            • Thanks for the linkDeplorable Pheoma, Wed Dec 6 4:11pm
              From my reading of the article, it doesn't mention the taxation of scholarships at all..... Never knew there were so many tax breaks and credits for going to school. What a mess our tax system is.... more
    • TT vs TPCPikes, Tue Dec 5 1:04pm
      I prep my own taxes with Turbo Tax. I ran my figures through it- a real tool, to discover because of exemptions and deductions I won't be able to claim anymore, my tax bill increases 2.99%. I don't... more
      • It look like both of us are different than the normDeplorable Pheoma, Tue Dec 5 2:50pm
        I guess you must have a rather larger variety of deductions than the norm. I on the other hand am different too. Just have the wife's small pension and my farm income, which has been negative for the ... more
        • MaybePikes, Tue Dec 5 3:51pm
          Because I am a "qualified performing artist," I get several 1099s from ensembles I work for, and also have my own business in commercial music. I have a small pension from my years in education too.... more