U sure Moore didn't model?
Tue Dec 5, 2017 8:20pm

I heard "To err is human, to molest, Levine!" thirty years ago.

Every now and then some gravity out in the Oort Cloud sends a bombardment of comets in toward the sun. A rogue star, a black hole, dark matter are all possible culprits. But it's periodic and unseen. Unknown.

The flurry of sex abuse crimes, accusations, and questions became so plentiful lately, I wonder if some unseen force sympathetic to Trump and Moore isn't at work, hurling them into the social spotlight. Trump and Moore's troubles get lost in the noise.

Then there is Pence, the polar opposite of Trump, who calls his wife, "mother." I am not sure he approves of sex after marriage. Pence is Trump's Agnew. Comey is Trump's Cox. Mueller is Trump's Patrick Gray. Flynn is his John Dean. Papadopoulus is his Howard Hunt. Manfort is his Ehrlichman. Sessions is his Richardson.