We Don't Have To Get Ugly...
Wed Dec 6, 2017 2:15am

Because we're in the right. We just have to patiently uphold the right.

The right of everyone to equal access, equal service, equal treatment under law.

If your faith compels you to use any bit of power you have to enforce your faith, then you must either eschew power or find a different country to live in. This one is not for you.


  • Have we lost the ability to compromise? Pikes, Wed Dec 6 12:32am
    It's especially acute with religious topics, because people feel they can't compromise "God's word," even when they don't know what the hell that is. In Evangelicalland, everything is God's word and... more
    • We Don't Have To Get Ugly... — Amadeus, Wed Dec 6 2:15am