I Suspect He Stopped Getting Customers For Wedding Cakes
Wed Dec 6, 2017 6:59am

and that is why he stopped making wedding cakes.

  • He did exactly that and lost 40% of his businessSia☺giah, Tue Dec 5 11:19pm
    and more than half of his employees. It's in the original article Merlin shared. It clearly says that he DID stop making ANY wedding cakes, which is WHY he was so significantly injured by this... more
    • That Is The Beauty Of Freedom Of Religion...Amadeus, Wed Dec 6 2:12am
      He can follow a faith that calls for such sacrifice, but he can't force it on anyone else. I don't have any sympathy for him. None whatsoever. This is the ethical choice he has to make for himself. I ... more
    • Have we lost the ability to compromise? Pikes, Wed Dec 6 12:32am
      It's especially acute with religious topics, because people feel they can't compromise "God's word," even when they don't know what the hell that is. In Evangelicalland, everything is God's word and... more
      • We Don't Have To Get Ugly...Amadeus, Wed Dec 6 2:15am
        Because we're in the right. We just have to patiently uphold the right. The right of everyone to equal access, equal service, equal treatment under law. If your faith compels you to use any bit of... more