Deplorable Pheoma
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Wed Dec 6, 2017 4:11pm

From my reading of the article, it doesn't mention the taxation of scholarships at all.....

Never knew there were so many tax breaks and credits for going to school. What a mess our tax system is. What is needed is to lower the rates across the board and do away with all the special interest tax breaks. The tax code should be for collecting money, not handing out money to special interests. Let the welfare department hand out money to special groups. It would certainly simplify taxes.

And now for the laugh of the day....

Just got a letter in the mail today from the IRS. They are billing me for $10,147.24 for changes I requested to my 2015 tax return. Didn't say what changes And they want it by Dec 25, 2017. Merry Christmas from the IRS

What a bunch of screwballs A couple of months ago, I received a notice that I forgot to check the box that said I had health insurance on my 2015 return. Filed an amended return to fix all that. I suppose they will claim they didn't get it. Fortunately, I sent it certified and can prove they got it. I suppose one hand doesn't know what the other is doing there. So, now it's my problem to fix it for them. HAHAHA

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    I know the rules are changing, and before the Senate these shifted back and forth a lot. So what ends up in the bill and law if it becomes that is unclear. But my understanding is some are trying to... more
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