Tell Bob if he is only a " pretty good" singer then
Sat Dec 9, 2017 9:33pm

he ought to not be in a studio, much less on stage for a live-in performance. There are millions of pretty good singers. Big deal. What does Bob have? Good looks? A big crotch package? Huge tits? Blond? Crystal destroying decibels? One must not confuse enthusiasm with art. Granted, some performers do have a certain personable magic, an elon, a certain undefinable something that makes a crappy voice seem like a wonder. And perhaps this is where the scene is today. But I recall mediocre faces with great voices of real talent. Indeed many of them were quite ugly, with Frank Sinatra leading the rat pack. Patsy Cline was no beauty. But compare her to the Swift moron. No, I did not misunderstand your post. You misunderstood mine.

  • Wow. You Totally Misconstrued My Post.Amadeus, Wed Nov 29 10:09am
    I'll simplify. Bob has talent. Bob is a good singer. If Bob doesn't try to sing nearly impossible material, Bob can sing live and do a pretty good job. When Bob has studio production to assist him,... more
    • Tell Bob if he is only a " pretty good" singer then — PH 🎼🎤EY, Sat Dec 9 9:33pm
    • Can of wormsPikes, Wed Nov 29 11:00am
      I passed on a good piece of advice to students. "If you want a career in music, and anything can stop you, let it." The industry changed so fast, and is changing so fast, it's more difficult and... more