69F today
Tue Jan 9, 2018 7:03pm

Still no snow.
Showers forecast for tomorrow.
Snow in the mountains.
Rain below 8000 feet.
50% chance.
Best we've had.
Officially no measurable precipitation for 93 days.
0.04" forecast


    • The Uninhabitable EarthJeeves, Thu Jan 11 3:45pm
      Don't read this just before bed time. The Uninhabitable Earth
      • I am in bed now reading it.PH😱😱EY, Thu Jan 11 11:05pm
        A less informed individual might flip out. But having been a regular reader and over the past several years, a follower of Dane Wigington's Geoengineering.org website, none of this information is new ... more
    • Patent #US3613992PH❄️☃🌪EY, Thu Jan 11 1:50pm
      • Are we supposed to be impressed by a patent forSia☺giah, Thu Jan 11 8:12pm
        "seeding clouds" to get rain? That's ancient news and it's hardly weather terrorism. It's nothing but an attempt by mankind to make it rain during droughts. Obviously, it has its limits as droughts... more
        • Did you read the entire patent.PH✈️💨🌪EY, Thu Jan 11 11:22pm
          It's far more than cloud seeding. And that too is screwing up the hydrological cycles. Stealing moisture from upstream moisture fields is tantamount to stealing water upstream from a river. The... more
    • supply water for millions of people. (Snow will do too)
      • It is raining! Thunderstorm! In January!Pikes, Wed Jan 10 8:24pm
        Enough energy to lightning and thunder in January? Here? Temp is 46F and its a hard rain. Not just a shower. The snowpack melt is what keeps the big rivers going- Colorado, Platte, Rio Grande, and... more
        • few years. Previously unheard of. Weird and kinda unnerving because it's not supposed to do that in January.
          • Weather terrorists are laughingPH❄️☃🌧EY, Thu Jan 11 1:55pm
            all the way to the bank. Inside info on crop decimation IS disaster capitalism at it most sinister. Weather futures.
          • I drove through one in Denver last FebruaryPikes, Thu Jan 11 1:29pm
            I drove through one in Denver, coming back from a CSO gig last February, and it was so unusual, I filmed it. Had rehearsal last night too, but I didn't film the rain. I should have. Sometimes I can't ... more