Up close lunar surface you tube study.
Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:23am

This is the "natural" surface of our lunar night light? What natural processes would have made this landscape? The video offers no voice and thus no leading the "witness" into an outside conjecture. It could use better music accompaniment throughout......(Pike). This is merely a meandering around a small area of the surface that allows plenty of time for the landscape to "sink in." The reference to 'Bruce Sees All' is the site owner lashing out at Google "net-nanny" censoring of another kindred you tube spirit who also does up close studies of the bizarre lunar surface.

    • NASA is slowly coming clean with what is already knownPH🚀🌎🚀EY, Fri Jan 12 12:56pm
      by independent researchers: MARS is rather user-friendly. Just ask the Rovers. The latest admission is that MARS is covered with easily accessible CLEAN WATER ICE. Next step in the slow acclimation... more