Our shrinking diplomatic corps.
Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:29pm

We already don't have ambassadors in many countries, simply because none have been appointed. Now some are resigning.
US ambassador to Panama resigns because he can 'no longer work for Trump'
John Feeley says he is 'honour-bound' to step down if he cannot stand by President's policies


The US ambassador to Panama has resigned from his post on principle, writing in a resignation letter to the State Department that he can no longer serve the Trump administration, according to Reuters.

The US State Department confirmed the departure of John D Feeley, saying he decided to “retire for personal reasons, as of 9 March this year”.

Mr Feeley reportedly said: “As a junior foreign service officer, I signed an oath to serve faithfully the President and his administration in an apolitical fashion, even when I might not agree with certain policies.

“My instructors made clear that if I believed I could not do that, I would be honour-bound to resign. That time has come.”

    • posts in government, including ambassadorships. It's INSANE that he's left so many positions unfilled and hasn't even nominated anyone for most of them. WTF ??
      • Wash WarningPikes, Mon Jan 15 4:43pm
        George Washington wrote and said, ....."Be vigilant, people will seek to use the government for selfish ends. .....Avoid political parties; they will cause divisive factions and unscrupulous men will ... more
        • itself in the last year.
          • Please explain (nm)Pikes, Mon Jan 15 11:23pm
            • overreach or not seems to be heavily dependent on who is the head of that branch at the moment.
              • Oh. Pikes, Tue Jan 16 11:59am
                One executive branch head's orders are overreach, and the other is too. Opposites are alike theory. Barack Obama, Doctorate US Constitutional Law (Harvard, 1991) Magna cum laude. Proven scholarship... more
                • So how is it that when one makes a Sprout, Tue Jan 16 12:04pm
                  policy it is supposedly whithin his scope of authority, but when the next removes the same policy it is overreach?
                  • How?Pikes, Tue Jan 16 12:12pm
                    One is supported by the US Constitution. The other is not. One used EO to carry out the nation's business as permitted by the USC. The other did not. One faced nothing but partisan legislative... more
                    • Regulating a given aspect of the nation isSprout, Wed Jan 17 9:56am
                      either within the scope of the position or it is not. If one president is within scope to create an exemption for certain illegals, then another president is within scope for eliminating that... more
                      • Really? (nm)Pikes, Wed Jan 17 10:43am
                        • Yes. Sprout, Wed Jan 17 10:54am
                          Either the executive branch has authority over a decision under the constitution or it does not. If one has the authority to tighten a limit on immigration then another does have the authority to... more
                          • You're making a fundamental mistake again.HeavyHemi, Wed Jan 17 1:34pm
                            Tighten (prevent) and loosen (allow) are not treated the same, constitutionally. Please don't tell you me you need that basic concept explained.
                            • were unconstitutional in their enforcement of the laws?
                              • Ha ha ha...HeavyHemi, Wed Jan 17 4:10pm
                                Holy cow...that was silly even for you. I know you are aware the Supreme Court has made some recent rulings regarding this. No, I am not presuming you have even a shred of intellectual honesty.
                              • Chew on this strap Pikes, Wed Jan 17 3:01pm
                                Since Obama holds the best doctortate in US Constitutional Law available, earned Magna cum laude, it is reasonable to expect his knowledge of that document is equally above average. Then when you... more
                                • His ordering the drone strike against PH🔥🇺🇸EY, Wed Jan 17 3:25pm
                                  two US citizens.... I am not clear as to the constitutionality.
                                • Indeed... and interestingly enough...Sprout, Wed Jan 17 3:14pm
                                  before becoming president this scholar was quite adamant that a POTUS did NOT have the constitutional authority to do what he chose to do when he DID become president... And has he denounced ALL of... more
                                  • Forced by partisan obstructionPikes, Wed Jan 17 6:40pm
                                    Written into the US Constitution are avenues for the executive branch to carry through the national business in the face of obstruction by a partisan legislative branch. Obama exercised those because ... more
                                    • But another president cannot do it if Congress won't... The difference being whether or not you AGREE with the action taken by the given president. Not the constitution.
                                      • No. That's not it.Pikes, Thu Jan 18 5:51pm
                                        Obama took advantage of his knowledge of the US Constitution. Trump clearly doesn't know the document well enough, so he goes by his gut feeling of about 293 pounds. He does what you so often rip... more
                                      • What is your argument?HeavyHemi, Thu Jan 18 3:16pm
                                        All I've seen is you adopt the Trump Trooper defense then start bawling when it's pointed out.
                                  • Lets see you prove your argument (deflection)HeavyHemi, Wed Jan 17 4:13pm
                                    Show us the evidence where Obama asserted he did not have the constitutional authority. Give us precise examples. Or is it your usual bloviating BS again?
                    • It's a claim, not an argument.HeavyHemi, Tue Jan 16 1:38pm
                      He's doing another Spout. Invent some group to wail against...Apparently the last decade of his cohorts antics never happened.
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        • No Trump horse can be appointed SenatorPikes, Mon Jan 15 4:47pm
          • There are some interesting similaritiesJeeves, Mon Jan 15 5:16pm
            Excerpts from Donald Trump has 'fascinating parallels' with Caligula, says historian He has not yet made a horse his running mate, but Donald Trump can be compared to one of the most notorious of all ... more
            • Who did Trump admire? Pikes, Wed Jan 17 12:29am
              He appears to have acquired more than a few dictatorial despot habits, gestures, and mannerisms. Like a cook, he sprinkles in a little Stalin, then a dash of Goebbels. He stirs in Elegabulus, with... more
    • This is why 90% of the senior staff at the US State Department resigned before Trump. It is hard to find and retain ambassadors to named "Trumphole" countries, and the many more on the edge of Trump... more