Sh*tHole countries remarks. Your thoughts?
Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:38pm

I EXPECT it from tRUMP. I expected that the GOP would say SOMETHING about it, at the very least, distancing the COUNTRY from his idiotic remarks. Most didn't. Pathetic.

    • The truth hurts....Sprout, Tue Jan 16 9:33am
      I have spent 6 months in Haiiti.... And "shithole" is not an unreasonable term to use to describe it, although it isn't a NICE one. Which would we rather have? Nice? Or Truth?
      • Another one who misses the point. (nm)Sia☺giah, Tue Jan 16 11:21am
      • There's an area of Petersburg that...SES, Tue Jan 16 10:34am a real sh*t-hole. Old run-down houses, many abandoned and vandalized. Garbage everywhere. Businesses boarded up. Crime, including the occasional drive-by or murder. People left bleeding in the... more
        • Same thing in Richmond. EDITED BY MODERATORPH👻🇺🇸👻EY, Tue Jan 16 11:16am
          A bunch of "MODERATOR REMOVED UNACCEPTABLE TERM" squat there. But if you say it's a shitehole part of the city, we'll watch out. The PC crowd will tear down the statues. Richmond has so many murders... more
          • How is this even remotely acceptable here?Poppet, Thu Jan 18 10:31pm
            Even Winston Churchill would be appalled at that sort of racist shit.
          • Don't, just DON'T.Sia☺giah, Tue Jan 16 11:23am
            You have removed ALL DOUBT as to your racist heart.
            • I am working on it.PH💂🏿👧🏽💂, Tue Jan 16 3:13pm
              I admit it. It's my Southern heritage. However, please not that the "N" word can apply to any low-life trash of any color. Here is an interesting link to the black racists and the NFL.... more
              • are WELL KNOWN to reflect racist views and that are guaranteed to insult & denigrate those you're using them to describe. That is a no-brainer and it would actually show an effort to work on your... more
                • It tis not an all encompassing term.PH💂🏿💂🏿EY, Tue Jan 16 4:22pm
                  The term is for trash. Not for all blacks anymore than "white trash" covers all white people. It must be nice to have been born Lilly white in Lilly white New England. You are unable to fully grasp... more
                  • Save the BS rationalization. No excuses.Sia☺giah, Thu Jan 18 10:44pm
                    It is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
                  • It is a racist term.wondering, Wed Jan 17 6:03am
                    Just like the B word is a sexist term. You shouldn't be calling anyone "trash" either, just because they might be poor or ignorant. That is a derogatory term. We are all poor and ignorant in many... more
                    • Nope, sorry but some people are just plain trash.PH😱😱EY, Wed Jan 17 3:31pm
                      Poor and or ignorant is not trash. I know a few millionaires who are trash. I do not feed. It's a recognition of a low life when I see one. You seem very sweet, and utterly naive.
                      • WelI then I have to ask...wondering, Thu Jan 18 1:52am
                        the obvious question. Would you say that Trump is trash? Because people who talk trash about others, including people they don't even know... would seem to be the trashiest.
                        • A smorgasbord of ills.PH💵🗣💵EY, Thu Jan 18 11:40am
                          But he is not living in a trailer buried under a mountain of beer bottles. He is a trashy phenomenon out of the elite circles. Money is the accepted detergent of "success" for washing away our sins.
                          • Throw out baby with bath waterPikes, Thu Jan 18 12:13pm
                            Trump is so dirty, one best throw him away and keep the bath water. He leads the amoral, immoral and unethical in a conquest to make their America great again. This is a man who openly, admittedly... more
    • More Liberal hypocrisy. Typical.SES, Sat Jan 13 6:14pm
      A week ago, Liberals where apoplectic over concerns about the "Dreamer" kids being sent back to their countries of origin. Right out there in front of everybody, the Liberals were crying and whining, ... more
      • It's not so much that he referred to the countries as "sh*tholes" but that he doesn't want to let ANY of them come here. Just like he wants to send unfortunate people from Haiti BACK to their... more
        • Are you SERIOUSLY incapable of...SES, Sun Jan 14 9:47am
          ...getting the point? MY point is that the idiot Libtard pukes went totally apesh*t over Trump (supposedly) using the "sh*t-hole" word to describe countries, in a private meeting, when they... more
          • I totally agree.PH🚽🚽EY, Mon Jan 15 7:16am
            This entire immigration racket began under President Johnson, thanks to Ted Kennedy and other New Englanders. THE IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT. And what a disaster it has been!!. I feel no responsibility... more
          • Your intended point is based upon a false premise. It's NOT the description of the countries that is driving most of the outrage. It's the FACT that he doesn't want any of "those people" to be able... more
          • Ellis Island doesn't recall your time.HeavyHemi, Sun Jan 14 4:24pm
            Your posts are consistent in their very close view of Trump's asshole.
          • using the "sh*t-hole" word to describe countries, in a private meeting, when they themselves JUST spent a week describing, to anyone who would listen, other countries basically as sh*t-holes
            • Any Trump property is a $h!tholePikes, Sun Jan 14 11:54am
              And when the king arrives (to take one,) everyone holds his nose, covers his eyes, plugs his ears so he hears no more lies.
              • Very bad taste. PH😀😀EY, Mon Jan 15 7:20am
                He likes glitter and the baroque, all cheesy and Nuevo riche(so).
                • Trump is a nasty man by his own emissionPikes, Mon Jan 15 3:41pm
                  He eats, sleeps (around), and leaves excretions. He is so familiar with taking credit for others' accomplishments and achievements within his "organization," when he and his following flora and fauna ... more
    • "The $h!t show in Libya." That didn't broadbrush an entire country, or a swarth of countries with troubled leadership and brownskinned people. Trump's remark is inexcusable. It can't be justified by... more
    • Masterful deflection!Poppet, Sat Jan 13 11:20am
      I mean...previously, a google search on "Trump sh ithole" would have just returned a list of his hotels. ;)
      • LMAO. Too true... (nm)Sia☺giah, Sat Jan 13 12:41pm
      • Re-branded: Trump NuthousePikes, Sat Jan 13 11:27am
        Little Mario, Pocahontas, Lyin' Ted, Lyin Ryan, Crooked Hillary, Sneaky Dianne, Sloppy Steve, Low-energy Jeb, fake news... If IQ45 can re-brand, then so can we. Courtesy of the stable genius, White... more
    • so why do you judge this as wrong/SIN ? DO YOU CUSS ? DO YOU GET ANGRY ? DO YOU GET UPSET BECAUSE Haitians leaders are all in it for them self causing their people to suffer ? DO YOU GET FED UP ? DO... more
      • Norwegians don't want to come here.wondering, Sat Jan 13 11:36am
        They are much more civilized than we are. If you voted for or are a fan of Trump, you must believe that he can do no wrong. The rest of us know better. If Republicans get their way, it won't be long... more
        • they want take you in yome, Sat Jan 13 5:30pm
          they have hated you for many years......loooooooooooog before TRUMP. HOW YA BEEN DOING MS WONDERING ?
          • Not everyone hateswondering, Sun Jan 14 7:28am
            the way you do, yome. And not everyone has to hide their hate with sheep's clothing. Some people actually do care about others and care about the world.
            • TO THE Christians here on these bbs that they're almost all gone now.
            • Well said... (nm)Sia☺giah, Sun Jan 14 8:18am
              • Re: Well said... yome, Tue Jan 16 12:20am
                King James Bible Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.
                • Andwondering, Tue Jan 16 2:59am
                  King James Bible "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. 21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which... more
                  • Sorry but, Tue Jan 16 5:13am
                    Sounds kinda childish.. and bigoted.. Just saying :)
                    • MYOB. Sia☺giah, Tue Jan 16 11:18am
                      We do NOT suffer TROLLS lightly. Since he's been asked to leave numerous times for trolling, too many to count, he gets LESS "grace" than others. Too bad if either of you don't like it. No one cares.
    • The new normal?wondering, Sat Jan 13 2:36am
      It's not even funny anymore. Not even the comedians can make it funny anymore. Pathetic doesn't even describe it. Can't call it shocking anymore, either. I don't even know what the appropriate word... more
    • As I alluded to earlier...Alabama..HeavyHemi, Fri Jan 12 10:45pm
      ...'hey at least it isn't us this time'. What can you say? I remember 10 years (and counting) of the regressive party looking for even the hint of racial bias from Obama to get enraged about. Now... more