Aren't those straw men dead yet?
Wed Feb 7, 2018 3:15pm

You are the one who insisted on tying the stock market's performance to the President. That means you take the bad with the good. 8^)

And tying them together actually makes Obama look good (as has been pointed out to you).

Your best strategy at this point is to wait 6 months to a year and see how Trump policies affect the economy.

My prediction is that he will do great for investors, but not so good for the economy overall.

  • I don't recall Libs thinking it was that big a deal when it dropped by more than this when Barrack Hussein was in office. I also like how all of the Libs who've been claiming that the record high DOW ... more
    • Aren't those straw men dead yet? — Jeeves, Wed Feb 7 3:15pm
      • Which Strawmen?SES, Thu Feb 8 10:17am
        Absolutely, the recent drop in the DOW is because of Trump's policies. They inevitably increased interest rates, which predictably caused a drop in the markets. Did I ever claim that the recent drop... more
        • The ones you just resurrected againJeeves, Thu Feb 8 10:59am
          " Anything GOOD can be claimed by Obama. Anything BAD is all on Trump. " I don't recall Hemi making those claims, and I certainly don't claim those are true. Clearly these are claims of your own... more
    • you're saying others are hysterical...HeavyHemi, Wed Feb 7 12:40pm
      while posting another of your hysterical diatribes. Pretty much every whine you make about the 'ebil wibberals' you repeat on steroids. So dammed predictable... as trolls are.