Watching the Olympics 4K HDR wow!!!
Fri Feb 9, 2018 4:01pm

Until you've seen native 2160p at 60hz...Sure it isn't as obvious SD to 1080p (HDTV) but wow....you can see individual eyelashes....the detail is distracting in some respects. You're used to the crowd being a blur instead of people making funny faces...you see laces on skates flapping...probably more detail than you see in person...

    • Some "eyelashes" just for you😝PH🌓🤖🌗EY, Thu Feb 15 11:13am
      Thank you Bruceseesall for your tireless effort to show the world the truth about our lunar arcology. Yes, NASA covered up this great secret now revealed in living lunar color for all to cogitate... more
    • Funny how blurry are PH🌓🚀🌗EY, Tue Feb 13 12:23pm
      so many of the NASA moon pics. Clementine and yes Apollo, too. Yet you say details down to eyelashes. Why is this technology not utilized on Mars?
      • somewhat since the Apollo program.... And advance somewhat since 2003 as well.
          • Indeed! I am not techno savvy. But others are.PH🚀🌗🚀EY, Tue Feb 13 9:28pm
            I respect their expertise. And in one particular amateur astronomer, I include his personal integrity. Bruceseesall.com has produced a mother lode of lunar surface artificial patterns (structures)... more
          • For comparison, 4K TV is <=> 8 megapixel camera.HeavyHemi, Tue Feb 13 6:10pm
            a really cheap digital cam. This was half a decade ago... https://www.wired.com/2012/06/gigapixel-camera/
            • WOW! A gigapixel camera??Sia☺giah, Wed Feb 14 2:27pm
              The detail I get from my 24 megapixel camera is pretty darn amazing to me. I cannot imagine a camera THAT advanced !! WOW
              • Yes, and my Bruceseesall has that and other PH🚀🌓🚀EY, Wed Feb 14 2:53pm
                high tech accroutiments that allow for those close up DETAILED images. Which is precisely my point to the naynuts......even the Apollo pics are giving up their secrets. Begone oh falsely fabricated... more
                • Your post is complete nonsense.HeavyHemi, Wed Feb 14 7:02pm
                  As well as being completely dishonest bullshit, again.
                  • Honest Injun....PH🖕🖕EY, Thu Feb 15 11:38pm
                    There are alien artificial structures on the lunar surface. Not only on the surface, but there are descending levels that go way down into the lunar interior. It's my specialty to know this fact.... more
                • commercial sale ??? HOW could he have one?
                  • Too bad. He would were it for sale.PH📽🎥📹EY, Thu Feb 15 9:31am
                    However he has the latest of cameras and imaging equipment. He explains his entire panoply and technique to garner his beautiful truth-exposing surface of our lunar arcology. And he is an excellent... more
                  • what is one more example? Maybe I'm a bit harsh in my 'name it and shame it'...but IMO that we don't more forcefully call out and ridicule obvious bullshit is why one reason we ended up with Trump.
                    • Yeah, for sure I caused Trump's election.🦃PH🐗🐗EY, Thu Feb 15 9:52am
                      Never does this poster post intentional dishonesty. You, in your seeming arrogance, do misconscrew. You give yourself way too much credit about being harsh. Too whom? Why it's water off a duck's... more
            • I can't keep upPikes, Tue Feb 13 8:40pm
              Don't even try. I don't want to become a slave and servant to technology. It is supposed to serve me. I don't need the latest bells and whistles. I still use a flip phone. Don't need phone internet... more
    • I can't even THINK with such clarity!Pikes, Sat Feb 10 2:26am
      Some day, pixels may be atoms.
      • monikers?
        • NoPikes, Sat Feb 10 3:24pm
          Proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGoHreXY-10&t=20s It may reach a point where an atom could be bombarded by thousands of photons, themselves each one pixel, to yield as breathtaking clarity of... more
          • so I wondered if they'd done the same to you?
            • Worry notPikes, Sun Feb 11 12:10am
              He has, and his attempts are in possession of the DA. Hey! We finally got a decent snow! About 5 inches. This is really our first snow of the winter. We had two others that promised something and... more
              • Hey!wondering, Sun Feb 11 11:00am
                That's so weird that you've such a mild winter. It has been frigid cold here but not much snow. Glad to hear you are finally getting some snow. We are planning a short ski trip there soon... thinking ... more
                • FYIPikes, Mon Feb 12 1:24am
                  Northern Rockies are better off than south. Still way below average. Ski areas exaggerate their snow base depth and can't be trusted. Looks like base at A Basin and Keystone is about 30 inches, which ... more
                  • Thanks for the info, Pikes.wondering, Mon Feb 12 8:10pm
                    Will take under advisement. I fell on a boulder once in NM, Angel Fire, I think it was... where there wasn't a good base of snow, and injured my shoulder. Took a long time to heal from that one. Will ... more
    • YIKES. That must be incredible. (nm)Sia☺giah, Fri Feb 9 11:43pm