10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask
Fri Feb 9, 2018 7:45pm

On a First Date

1. Do you believe that Black Lives Matter?
2. What are your thoughts on gender and sexual orientation?
3. How do you work to dismantle sexism and misogyny in your life?
4. What are your thoughts on sex work?
5. Are you a supporter of the BDS movement?
6. What is your understanding of settler colonialism and indigenous rights?
7. Do you think capitalism is exploitative?
8. Can any human be illegal?
9. Do you support Muslim Americans and non-Muslim people from Islamic countries?
10. Does your allyship include disabled folks?

Meet the team

Lara Witt is an intersectional feminist writer, the managing editor of Wear Your Voice Magazine and a digital media consultant based in Philadelphia. She writes about self-care, pop culture and deconstructing systems of oppression. Her work has been featured in Teen Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, BUST Magazine, ELLE and more.

Derek Quo Ellerman is the Interim Executive Director of Everyday Feminism. He has spent the last two decades starting up and helping lead social change organizations, most recently Resist Media. Derek is a queer, biracial Buddhist, survivor, and wounded healer. Most of his work now focuses around trauma-informed healing, grief, and self-love.

Nico Dacumos is a lower-middle class and college-educated child of a Manila-born Ilocano and a Central California Chicana. He currently writes, teaches high school, runs a decolonial food pop-up, builds spiritual community, loves, co-parents, and instigates non-binary transgender faggotry in Oakland, CA.

Neesha Powell-Twagirumukiza (she & they pronouns) identifies as an intersectional feminist, womanist, writer, community organizer, facilitator, dancer, freedom fighter, wife, and cat mama. She’s constantly conspiring in the name of liberated Black futures, queer and trans people of color power, solidarity economics, and transformative justice/community accountability. Neesha’s based in a suburb south of Seattle, where she lives, loves, and creates with chosen family.

Ayesha Sharma is a non-binary South Asian scholar and artist continually negotiating a relationship with themselves and their communities through practices of decolonization. They are most interested in literal and symbolic reclamation as an art practice, and investing themselves in community care. Ayesha has written for the Urban Democracy Lab and is published in ANTYAJAA: Indian Journal of Women and Social Change.

Hadiya Abdelrahman, graduated from Rutgers University with a double major in Women and Gender studies and Middle Eastern Studies. Hadiya currently works with refugees and asylees in NYC. When she’s not at work, Hadiya writes angry rants and poetry. She enjoys writing about topics that focus on refugees, intersectional feminism, and state violence against people of color.

lisha is a Brooklyn-born writer, tea enthusiast and lipstick babe who loves creating all-natural potions for her hair and body. Her writing focuses on race, gender, body, beauty, social issues and pop culture. You can find her work in Elle, The Establishment, Teen Vogue, and OkayAfrica. She’s low-key obsessed with Trader Joe’s, Chopped, and creating Spotify playlists.

Marisa is a queer, mixed Asian American woman, community worker, and cultural worker. She holds a B.A. in Media Studies and Critical Studies from Pomona College, where she focused on visual art by people of color. Contextualizing herself within historical movements of survival and resistance, Marisa is most interested in brainstorming alternatives to violence and envisioning new futures where our communities are supported and well-resourced. She enjoys watching an above-average amount of TV, spending time outdoors, poetry, and petting dogs.

    • Oh, dear.Poppet, Sun Feb 11 12:18pm
      Like Sia said, ask all that on a first date, there probably won't be a second (unless your date is as obsessed with virtue signalling as you are).
    • Someone should ask all of that on a first date?? Sia☺giah, Fri Feb 9 11:41pm
      Pretty sure there won't be a second. LOL.
    • Lets see...HeavyHemi, Fri Feb 9 9:24pm
      1. Not anymore than any others. I think the term is not helpful to the cause. 2. I spend very little time thinking about it. My thoughts are that orientation is irrelevant to how you are treated. 3.... more
      • It came fromPikes, Sat Feb 10 2:19am
        a site dottir showed me, and they're serious! https://everydayfeminism.com/2017/12/intersectional-feminist-first-date/ I like your answers. I'm not sure the ladies at LGBTQIA would. I had no idea... more