about Mount Hood
Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:15am

is Pike okay?

    • I'm finePikes, Wed Feb 14 1:56pm
      No where near Mt. Hood. This has been a freakish winter so far. Very little snow, and unseasonably warm. Northern Colorado is better off- they clip some of the PNW storms. They're still well below... more
    • I know one of the climbers involved.Poppet, Wed Feb 14 9:44am
      I know they had to call SAR, and I'm pretty sure he was with the party that had the fatality (my friend's okay). There were two parties that got into trouble on what was apparently a really tricky... more
      • Afro hairPikes, Wed Feb 14 3:57pm
        As I age, I take fewer risks. Realization of mortality, plus it HURTS to fall and GETTING BACK UP isn't the bounce back it once was. I will NEVER need SAR. Won't put myself or partner into that kind... more
        • Nice read. Ice skates were my highest achievements (nm)PH❄️❄️EY, Thu Feb 15 11:20am
        • FWIW< these guys weren't beginners.Poppet, Wed Feb 14 7:51pm
          My friend is a pretty experienced climber, who's summited most of the notable peaks here in the Northwest. He's definitely climbed that route multiple times, and I know he's fussy about who he climbs ... more
          • Glad he is OKPikes, Wed Feb 14 8:21pm
            Some mountains don't forgive mistakes. I made a few I escaped from too- mostly rock errors. Could have easily gone the other way. Hood seems like it can be treacherous as a winter climb. Unstable... more
            • I'll definitely talk to him about it.Poppet, Thu Feb 15 12:19pm
              He actually played a show last night with his band (he's a bass player...), but I can't imagine his heart was in it. I didn't go (I was feeling a bit off...), and it wouldn't have been appropriate... more
      • Timberline Lodge?PH❄️☃❄️EY, Wed Feb 14 9:53am
        I think that is the name of what was a federal make-work project during the depression. What a fantastic structure!!