So tRUMP attacked Syria along with Britain & France.
Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:34pm

Your thoughts?

    • Only Congress is Constitutionally authorized G🔯G, Sat Apr 14 12:40am
      to declare war. Thus this attack (aggression) is not authorized by the American People. The US was not invited by Syria to be on their soil. The Russians are invited. And have had a naval base there... more
    • We will see if Putin was seriousJeeves, Fri Apr 13 11:02pm
      If he strikes back at the sources of the attack, all hell will break lose. Hopefully, he will be an empty threat, but I have no confidence in that.
      • Let's hope he stays patient.G🚀G, Sat Apr 14 12:45am
        I would like to see another day. Think about it....all this over a chemical attack lie. It never happened. But Trump's advisors told him it did. They showed him manufactured images. He got mad.... more