I didn't even ask about his vote. I asked about now.
Thu May 17, 2018 9:05pm

His defense NOW. He deflected to the election and not his current defense.

  • potentially winning caused you to compromise your values? How strong are those values if you'd give them up just to stop Hillary?
    • ...choice on the issues that mattered most to me. The economy. Illegal immigration. Lower taxes. Cutting unnecessary government regulation. Trump had huge negatives. I would have preferred Rubio,... more
      • tRUMP over HRC, whom you considered the greater of two evils? It's obvious that it was a pragmatic choice made, but since there WERE other options: not voting, voting for a different candidate,... more
      • A short listPikes, Fri May 18 11:49am
        Conspiracy Against the United States Obstruction of Justice Money laundering Tax fraud Contempt of Emoluments clause Contempt of the US Constitution Contempt of Campaign Financial Disclosure laws... more
        • Have fun with that. lolSES, Fri May 18 11:55am
          The November elections are a win-win for me. If the Republicans retain the House and Senate, I'll again enjoy watching Libturds and the Lying Left Media Talking Heads going ape-sh*t. That was SO MUCH ... more
          • Wow.HeavyHemi, Sat May 19 7:57pm
            Seeing your ilk in action in real time is weird.
          • Well,Moishe, Sat May 19 7:16pm
            The Orange Twatwaffle was apparently trying to convince the postal service to raise fees on Amazon and others to get to Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post. That is similar to what Nixon did in trying ... more
            • Trump so far...Pikes, Sun May 20 12:14am
              Donald J Trump, using the powers of his candidacy and presidency, with hostile foreign help and contamination, engaged personally and through his close subordinates and agents, in a course of conduct ... more
          • Follow the money (nm)Pikes, Fri May 18 11:59am
      • I'm glad I didn't have to make that choice.Poppet, Fri May 18 11:27am
        My state, Oregon, was not remotely in play. Hillary was going to win here, period, and we're a "winner take all" state in terms of electors. So I didn't feel obligated to have to select the lesser of ... more
    • I didn't even ask about his vote. I asked about now. — HeavyHemi, Thu May 17 9:05pm