Liars follow liars
Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:46am

Trump and Kim staged a dog and pony show for the folks back home, to bolster their support and quiet their critics. Kim got a promise for the US to end military exercises with the South Korean Army from a man famous for lies, and Trump got a promise for the peninsula to become Nuke-free from the latest son in a family of liars who made that same deal four times before. For Trumpeons ignorant of what makes a "nothing burger," this is one.

Trump is pretty certain he dominated Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un is certain he played Donald J Trump. Asian cultures smile a lot when they're stabbing you in the back.

Putin won the most. Trump may get a few towers. Putin gets ongoing, perpetual corruption of American government leadership because their computer cyber communications intelligence prowess is so far advanced comparatively to ours. Trump was his enabler.

Trump is America's Chamberlin. He came home with a little piece of paper. Peace in our time. To the other signator, it has absolutely no importance what so ever. See, NK did this drill four times before. They never got so much recognition as now. Kim went home feeling absolutely legitimate.

Trump brings out the worst in people because he is the worst of people.
Look at the trolls who rush to his defense. Liars follow liars.

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    • Liars follow liars — Pikes, Wed Jun 13 10:46am
      • Kim would never give upwondering, Wed Jun 13 12:05pm
        his nukes. He would be a fool if he did. Look what happened to Saddam. What he would do is lie, as liars do. And in the meantime, he is poised to get the benefits of his lies... demilitarizing South... more
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        • my two cents...donk, Thu Jun 14 2:55pm
          Liars like Kim and Trump like to wallow in their power while engaging in p*ssing contests with one another. Meanwhile, the EPA rules are being rolled back and Trump has loosed his idiot minions on... more
          • We're in something seriousPikes, Thu Jun 14 4:01pm
            The concern isn't Trump's attack on Liberals and Democrats. It is his attack on the US Constitution, on American institutions like the free press- arm of the First Amendment, the FBI, The Department... more
            • Very well said. (nm)Poppet, Fri Jun 15 9:40am
            • I agree...donk, Fri Jun 15 8:18am
              But it might be said that those who "elected" Trump have little (or no) use for the Constitution or freedom, but rather blame both for for the demise of THEIR country, "under God!" Pathetic...
              • Complacency and normalcy enemyPikes, Fri Jun 15 11:05am
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