Kim would never give up
Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:05pm

his nukes. He would be a fool if he did. Look what happened to Saddam.

What he would do is lie, as liars do. And in the meantime, he is poised to get the benefits of his lies... demilitarizing South Korea, rescinding sanctions, and the chance to eventually take over South Korea with Trump's help. After all, Trump wants to reward Putin for taking over Crimea by letting him back into the G8. Trump loves and admires brutal dictators, and they know it.

  • Liars follow liarsPikes, Wed Jun 13 10:46am
    Trump and Kim staged a dog and pony show for the folks back home, to bolster their support and quiet their critics. Kim got a promise for the US to end military exercises with the South Korean Army... more
    • Kim would never give up — wondering, Wed Jun 13 12:05pm
      • Welwtischia mirabilisPikes, Thu Jun 14 4:08pm
        Found one. I added to my conifers, this in a pot. Outdoors for summer, indoors for winter. But Tuesday night we had worst hail I ever saw. Hailed for two hours- chunks never smaller than ping pong... more
        • Awesome!wondering, Thu Jun 14 11:45pm
          How did you find it? Hope it works out for you in your location. I can't even imagine a hail storm like that. That's gonna leave a mark on your landscaping, too, eh? We spent a couple of weeks with... more
          • YeahPikes, Fri Jun 15 11:22am
            A lady in Tucson with a large collection of succulents has one. Old enough to cone and seed. It won't go outside permanently. Hail punched holes through our house roof. Need new roof. Cars totaled.... more
      • my two cents...donk, Thu Jun 14 2:55pm
        Liars like Kim and Trump like to wallow in their power while engaging in p*ssing contests with one another. Meanwhile, the EPA rules are being rolled back and Trump has loosed his idiot minions on... more
        • We're in something seriousPikes, Thu Jun 14 4:01pm
          The concern isn't Trump's attack on Liberals and Democrats. It is his attack on the US Constitution, on American institutions like the free press- arm of the First Amendment, the FBI, The Department... more
          • Very well said. (nm)Poppet, Fri Jun 15 9:40am
          • I agree...donk, Fri Jun 15 8:18am
            But it might be said that those who "elected" Trump have little (or no) use for the Constitution or freedom, but rather blame both for for the demise of THEIR country, "under God!" Pathetic...
            • Complacency and normalcy enemyPikes, Fri Jun 15 11:05am
              With his constant twitter hammering of American institutions and the US Constitution without naming it specifically, Trump is beginning to persuade and convince people he is right. Mueller is losing... more