We're in something serious
Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:01pm

The concern isn't Trump's attack on Liberals and Democrats. It is his attack on the US Constitution, on American institutions like the free press- arm of the First Amendment, the FBI, The Department of Justice, on American allies, and his soft heart and even softer head toward the most untrustworthy dictatorial autocrats anywhere in national leadership. He admires Xi who can be president for life. He admires Kim for ability to dispatch his opposition, and sees both as examples of strength in leadership. By contrast, Trudeau's adult approach is mild, weak, and dishonest. The G7 is incomplete without Putin and Russia.

Anybody who listens to this man, and follows his activity, and thinks he works in the best interest of America is retarded. Maybe in his vision of America- which is something more like Putin, Xi, and Kim have.

Maybe this is God at work. Not to make America great again, but to expose what America is and became, to be led by a man like Trump. Maybe this is atonement for our many evils oppressed onto the world, forced to slave to maintain prosperity of our 1%.

  • my two cents...donk, Thu Jun 14 2:55pm
    Liars like Kim and Trump like to wallow in their power while engaging in p*ssing contests with one another. Meanwhile, the EPA rules are being rolled back and Trump has loosed his idiot minions on... more
    • We're in something serious — Pikes, Thu Jun 14 4:01pm
      • Very well said. (nm)Poppet, Fri Jun 15 9:40am
      • I agree...donk, Fri Jun 15 8:18am
        But it might be said that those who "elected" Trump have little (or no) use for the Constitution or freedom, but rather blame both for for the demise of THEIR country, "under God!" Pathetic...
        • Complacency and normalcy enemyPikes, Fri Jun 15 11:05am
          With his constant twitter hammering of American institutions and the US Constitution without naming it specifically, Trump is beginning to persuade and convince people he is right. Mueller is losing... more