Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:45pm

How did you find it? Hope it works out for you in your location.

I can't even imagine a hail storm like that. That's gonna leave a mark on your landscaping, too, eh?

We spent a couple of weeks with the grandkids in Aurora while Mom and Dad went to Greece on vacation. Had a hailstorm while we were there, but nothing like what you described.

We are having fun working in the garden and planting trees, berry bushes, etc. I just made a strawberry rhubarb pie yesterday with my own homegrown rhubarb. Had quite a few strawberries this year, too, but should be much better next year. Same with the asparagus.

  • Welwtischia mirabilisPikes, Thu Jun 14 4:08pm
    Found one. I added to my conifers, this in a pot. Outdoors for summer, indoors for winter. But Tuesday night we had worst hail I ever saw. Hailed for two hours- chunks never smaller than ping pong... more
    • Awesome! — wondering, Thu Jun 14 11:45pm
      • YeahPikes, Fri Jun 15 11:22am
        A lady in Tucson with a large collection of succulents has one. Old enough to cone and seed. It won't go outside permanently. Hail punched holes through our house roof. Need new roof. Cars totaled.... more