Complacency and normalcy enemy
Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:05am

With his constant twitter hammering of American institutions and the US Constitution without naming it specifically, Trump is beginning to persuade and convince people he is right. Mueller is losing public support and credibility. So is the FBI. When we use the term MSM, we erode and degrade it too, and this is the America free press, right arm of the First Amendment. Because this became "normal," the alarm we should have is going back to sleep. In that sleep is when the thief completes his work. People won't know or notice then because they're not now.

  • I agree...donk, Fri Jun 15 8:18am
    But it might be said that those who "elected" Trump have little (or no) use for the Constitution or freedom, but rather blame both for for the demise of THEIR country, "under God!" Pathetic...
    • Complacency and normalcy enemy — Pikes, Fri Jun 15 11:05am