People do care for De Niro's opinion.
Wed Jul 4, 2018 4:42pm

Those who attending Tony Awards were high ranking class of the society. When they had a standing ovation to the barb spoken by De Niro, that De Niro's opinion was greatly approved by them.

This is a reaction to the current situation of US politics. An unqualified person tyrannizes the nation. The government organization, political system can do nothing to him, let alone ordinary people. People are suppressed too much so when De Niro said something they dare not say, he got a big approval.

  • Was it being the leader of the racist birthers? Was it bragging about sexually assaulting women? Was it attacking McCain's military service while being a draft evader himself? Who cares about De Niro ... more
    • People do care for De Niro's opinion. — katsung47, Wed Jul 4 4:42pm