Once Upon A Time When People Took to the Streets
Sun Jul 8, 2018 12:59pm

to protest, there would be rioting, bloodshed, arson, fatalities, firearms and cannons, barricades, insurrection, etc. that usually required the military being summoned to quell the disturbance.

Sure, it was inconvenient for the people trying to in the meantime make a living and in general go on about their business, but sometimes things changed for the better as a result and people felt it was worth being put out for a while.

Today it is little more than busking and street theatre for the Media, and bad theatre at that. The acting is pedestrian and they don't even sing stirring songs.

Still inconvenient but nowadays nothing comes of it but for a few sound bites on the evening news and a few tweets with selfies.

    • Maybe because...HeavyHemi, Mon Jul 9 4:24am
      they are mocked for trying to make a difference? Ya think? Apathy is a killer...your post is a clarion call... no wait....what words would you use for someone arguing for apathy?
      • The alternative of course is not apathy. One alternative is We the People talking face to face with individual members of the Government. Doing so does not really inconvenience anyone collaterally... more
        • Individual Members Of Government...Amadeus, Mon Jul 9 11:26am
 the moment either do not have power (Democrats) or do not want to speak to the people unless they have money (Republicans). We've seen it clearly. Look at the ACA. The people could not have... more
          • No Harm In Trying Something New, Is There.Merlin, Mon Jul 9 11:43am
            Certainly seems to have captures the attention of individual members of the Government. Of course they know what the people want by watching protests and demonstrations on TV or from their office... more
            • Everything Old Is Old Again...Amadeus, Mon Jul 9 12:16pm
              Kelly told Pruitt to resign. Not most likely. Definitely. As leaked by an inside source. The kind of source that Trump definitively says "does not exist." I will laugh when it turns out to have been... more
          • the word.HeavyHemi, Mon Jul 9 11:30am
            Boorish is too sharp. It's just a thing he does to generate attention. Too imply he's thinking a certain direction via linguistic gauze.
        • You are apt...HeavyHemi, Mon Jul 9 11:25am
          When prodded into thinking different. Glad do be of service. I mean, of course I am aware of these things. I mean there are many avenues to accomplish change. So, another round of the obvious I guess.
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