The FFs Knew the Constitution Would Become Outdated
Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:28am

The Constitution became outdated almost as soon as the ink dried and had to be updated.

That is why the Constitution also specifies how the Constitution can and should be amended Constitutionally.

And that is why the Constitution has been amended many times in the past when it became outdated.

Shortcutting the amendment process seems expedient each time it was done but in the long run has undermined the Constitution and the integrity of the Executive, Congress, and SCOTUS and made a mockery of the political process that is the foundation and the reason why America after more than two centuries remains great, notwithstanding those little red beanies to the contrary.

The guardians of that amendment process is the SCOTUS, and they have been remiss. The SCOTUS must stand firm and leave the making of amendments to Congress if we are to get back on the Constitutional track.

    • Excuse me! G😱G, Mon Jul 16 8:42pm
      Amending that noble document is hardly a reason to state your baloney! It's not a sign of old age what the FFers intended. Let's hear your reasonings. That an Amendment must go through a not so easy... more
    • I pretty much agree....donk, Tue Jul 10 2:33pm
      and remain thankful the "FFs" Made the Constitution amendable. Unfortunately, this valid process has become far too politicized and has reduced the constitution to a political "wish list." One thing... more
    • I Disagree...Amadeus, Tue Jul 10 12:15pm
      The SCOTUS exists, in part, to interpret the law in light of new social realities. Sometimes, existing law is applied in novel ways. Perhaps the law was not written with such an application in mind,... more
      • Removed, left as spaceholderADMIN**, Mon Jul 16 1:24am
        Posing as another poster is fraud and violates the TOS of the forum
      • Reluctantly I Must DisagreeMerlin, Tue Jul 10 3:11pm
        Not that I am any sort of Constitutional scholar or even buff, but I have not read anything in the Constitution or books and article about the Constitution and the lives and thoughts of the Founding... more
      • uniquely familiar with failed social experiments, monarchs, and seemingly very well read in both! Be nice to see a return to their principles and departure from this "new age" reality show in which... more
      • I disagree 100%.SES, Tue Jul 10 2:17pm
        "The SCOTUS exists, in part, to interpret the law in light of new social realities." I don't think that's anything LIKE what the SCOTUS is supposed to do. Let's say that the law says that black is... more
        • current laws ON THE BOOKS in the constitution. It is CONGRESS's job to write, change, or abolish laws and to amend the constitution. We cannot have activist judges on the SCOTUS picking and choosing... more
          • ...who feels exactly the same way. And that SHOULD BE the reason why SCOTUS decisions are not always unanimous. If there are conflicting laws on the books, or conflicting precedents, then THAT would... more
            • You are yet another lazy mindG🇺🇸🐍🇺🇸G, Mon Jul 16 8:27pm
              not interested in the link I posted about what the resigned DC US Attorney has to say about why he resigned. And because it was Brett Kavanaugh who took over the investigation under that Pepperdine... more
              • and us "lazy minds". How dare you? I've DISMISSED the nonsense you're peddling. I didn't call you stupid or any other names for believing it. I said that I consider the information to be worthless... more
                • The term lazy is not so very harsh.G🤔G, Tue Jul 17 3:18pm
                  I don't "believe." I KNOW. And that is because I accept the word of the US Attorney who refused to go along with the Foster coverup. I should think you would respect a person for being honest. The... more
      • Could be some of both.HeavyHemi, Tue Jul 10 12:43pm
        The existence of the mechanism for change does argue for a realization of a need for change over time know as it becomes... outdated. I'm not sure what your argument is, as you're... more
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