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You have been caught by the deleted post again.
Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:02pm

There really needs to be a better method, is it somebody new? We didn't have this issue before.

  • WHERE, exactly, did Merlin defend tRUMP ?????Sia☺giah, Fri Jul 13 10:24pm
    To my knowledge, he has NEVER defended tRUMP because tRUMP has never been on the side of the truth. I would hope that everyone, including you, would defend tRUMP from lies about him or if he ever did ... more
    • You have been caught by the deleted post again. — HeavyHemi, Fri Jul 13 11:02pm
      • I checked the abuse database but nothing was there??Sia☺giah, Fri Jul 13 11:06pm
        That was my first thought, that it was a missing post. Perhaps it was an anonymous mod who didn't want to delete out the information to leave it as a space saver to show that a post was removed. I'll ... more
        • It's the same thing that happened before.HeavyHemi, Fri Jul 13 11:28pm
          About a week or so. It's too bad I'd closed that browser window I could have taken a screenshot. It was a SES post much the same as the other one.
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