I checked the abuse database but nothing was there??
Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:06pm

That was my first thought, that it was a missing post.

Perhaps it was an anonymous mod who didn't want to delete out the information to leave it as a space saver to show that a post was removed.

I'll tell them all how to do that and have them contact me offline to do it for them if they are anonymous and don't want to show their IP in place of the original by editing it to be a blank spaceholder.

Thanks for the explanation. I was bewildered by what it looked like.

  • You have been caught by the deleted post again.HeavyHemi, Fri Jul 13 11:02pm
    There really needs to be a better method, is it somebody new? We didn't have this issue before.
    • I checked the abuse database but nothing was there?? — Sia☺giah, Fri Jul 13 11:06pm
      • It's the same thing that happened before.HeavyHemi, Fri Jul 13 11:28pm
        About a week or so. It's too bad I'd closed that browser window I could have taken a screenshot. It was a SES post much the same as the other one.
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