Indeed. The man simply doesn't know how to tell the truth (nm)
Sat Jul 21, 2018 1:48am

  • Nona? SES? More objective PROOF Trump is a liar.HeavyHemi, Fri Jul 20 2:49pm
    Nah...they are both tying their entire defense of Trump on a few text messages that mean nothing in the larger context of MILLION literally MILIONS of pieces of evidence and we only know the tip of... more
    • Indeed. The man simply doesn't know how to tell the truth (nm) — Sia☺giah, Sat Jul 21 1:48am
      • Who? Cohen? (nm)G😳🔯😳, Sat Jul 21 4:37pm
      • Reporting is many in Trump's circle are on tape...HeavyHemi, Sat Jul 21 10:49am
        and there are a lot of tapes and a lot of people wondering just what Micheal Cohen has on who. Some really big players according to rumors. Might explain why he's been so calm and untouched so far by ... more
        • Cohen is a kind of G🇺🇸👁🇺🇸G, Tue Jul 24 11:52pm
          Alexander Butterfield. Recall him from Watergate? He is a Intel asset. He probably taped them all. That was his job. He won't do time. He is protected by the Intel. "community."
        • Didn't he also work for Sean Hannity ??Sia☺giah, Sat Jul 21 10:14pm
          Imagine the embarrassment if he's on tape saying something that will flip out his listeners and/or employers? ha ha ha Can't wait.
        • Really? Lols😀😀G😳🔯😝G, Sat Jul 21 4:40pm
          He should watch it he does not end up like the DC Madame, hanging from a beam in mommies garage. Maybe the Clinton's are taped, too.
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