So, you'll get drunk, eat some junk food...
Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:11pm

are revel the the decline of America. So hey, how about you stop wasting my tax dollars posting on my dime? BTW, this is not going to end well for you at all. The facts are all against you. I know you know this, and this is just you trolling. Is it really true that when you do you Civil war reenactment that you really do pretend that 'it went your way' instead of the North defeating the evil ideas of your ilk? Tell us.

  • When the GOP actually picks UP seats...SES, Mon Jul 23 1:41pm
    ...in both the House and the Senate this November, and when Trump wins a second term in 2020, winning both the Electoral College and the Popular Vote by wide margins, and all of the willfully... more
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