"shut up a troublemaking floosey with a bribe..."
Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:30pm

Since I am obviously not for Trump as you are, it would seem you, side with the criminal element. In fact you're actively defending the criminal. You're incompetent at defending your claims mostly because what you post is obvious bullshit or easily exposed lies.

  • One might see a need to G👁🌭👁G, Mon Jul 23 11:23pm
    shut up a troublemaking floosey with a bribe. She was likely blackmailing. Is that not a crime? You seem to like to take the side of the criminal element.
    • "shut up a troublemaking floosey with a bribe..." — HeavyHemi, Mon Jul 23 11:30pm
    • because it was an unreported campaign contribution designed to assist his campaign. Not only that, but tRUMP flat out LIED repeatedly that he did not have an affair with her nor pay her off. Yet,... more
      • I am still waiting for the G🇺🇸🤑🇺🇸G, Tue Jul 24 11:43pm
        Clinton campaign to acknowledge that $400,000,000 that seems to have gone down a rabbit hole. I do not see where paying a whore to shut her mouth is a campaign contribution, even if snake Cohen... more
      • he's simply trolling with lies.
        • Tell me something.G🇺🇸👁🇺🇸G, Tue Jul 24 11:55pm
          Is there anything that is not a crime nowadays? Hahahaha. Why do you think the system of "justice" is referred to as the legal industry and the prison-industrial complex. It's for grinding up people... more
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