Unlike you, I've actually HEARD the "secret tape".
Wed Jul 25, 2018 4:55pm

And, of course, as usual, for the umpteenth time, there's nothing there.

< snore >

This is why you ignorant anti-Trumpers keep getting angrier and angrier. How many times have they been tempted into thinking
"A-HA! THIS time we have him!" only to be disappointed when nothing comes of it, and Trump goes right on being President, and
even gets more and more popular.

More popular with the American people than a lot of other nations' leaders are with theirs.

As popular at this point in his Presidency than Obama or Reagan.

I have a feeling he'll re-write U.S. political history again, when his Party actually picks UP seats in both the House and the
Senate in November.

  • Uh, the tape is real. You're the one in denial.HeavyHemi, Wed Jul 25 12:32pm
    You're actually trying to claim it doesn't exist according to what you posted. Holy cow, you're such a mental wreck that THIS post reads like you're having a seizure. Wow.
    • Unlike you, I've actually HEARD the "secret tape". — SES, Wed Jul 25 4:55pm
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