Are you SERIOUSLY this obtuse ?????????????????????
Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:58pm

Do you REALLY not get the intended point I was making about someone asking CA liberals a question about CA blacks & how voter ID laws might disproportionately disenfranchize them but then using NY blacks' reactions to their opinions to ridicule the CA liberals ???????????????????????

You don't see the disconnect there ????????????????????????????? Really ?

If you honestly don't, then I apologize for expecting so much from you. If you honestly don't get it, I'll go a lot easier on you because I don't want to ever make fun of a mentally challenged individual. I find that almost as abhorrent as disenfranchising folks.

Also, HOW are the 'CA liberal responses about difficulties with finances and transportation issues that they believe/know that blacks face in greater numbers than whites' somehow RACIST ??

  • in how hard it is to get an ID in NY versus CA? LOL... You missed the point entirely. That the liberals made a lot of racist assumptions about the abilities of black folks.
    • Are you SERIOUSLY this obtuse ????????????????????? — Sia☺giah, Sun Aug 12 8:58pm
      • Not about states, but simply aboutSprout, Mon Aug 13 10:23am
        racist attitudes of white liberals who apparently think so little of blacks.
        • Beneath contempt you areSia☺giah, Mon Aug 13 10:52am
;article=695651;title=Civilized%20General%20Discussion Because you know, and we all KNOW that you know, that the video is a FAKE. Yet you've used ... more
      • Sprout Knows The Video Is FakeMerlin, Sun Aug 12 9:26pm
        That is why he did not give you a link to the video or the name of the maker of the video. Ami Horowitz
        • Poisoning the well...Sprout, Mon Aug 13 10:24am
          So once again... the white liberals in California didn't say what they did?
        • WOW, really?Sia☺giah, Sun Aug 12 9:55pm
          He didn't offer very much info to identify it and I've never seen it, so didn't know that. How disreputable of him to do that, assuming, of course, that he DID know that it was faked instead of being ... more
          • Downright Deplorable Merlin, Mon Aug 13 5:18am
    • Wow...HeavyHemi, Sun Aug 12 11:38am
      What it isn't about is your argument. It is about you and your fellow racist/racist sympathizers.