I wasn't trying to create an argument. I was trying to STOP
Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:47pm

one by pointing out that there were multiple factors that came together to create the "perfect storm" that was the SCOTUS decisions that culminated in GWB becoming POTUS.

Of course I always want to be fair too. I know that some folks "tell stories" often, but sometimes, even a stopped clock is right and even folks who have very loose relationships with the truth, DO sometimes tell the truth or attempt to anyway.

I still think Sprout is merely wrong, not deliberately lying. All 3 were, in fact, factors in GWB winning. I remembered the equal protection clause off the top of my head, not the other 2 and apparently, each of you remembered a different piece of the puzzle. However, IMHO, the LEAST important piece was 3, which is what Sprout remembered and the most significant factor that gave him the win was Article 3. Equal protection triggered the lawsuit because of the FL SC violating FL voting laws. All intertwined.

  • I said based on, not solely based on.HeavyHemi, Sun Aug 12 11:23pm
    Which is entirely accurate. Seems silly to go out of your way to create an argument...I guess in an effort to appear fair. He was flat out wrong. I no longer give them the benefit of the doubt.
    • I wasn't trying to create an argument. I was trying to STOP — Sia☺giah, Sun Aug 12 11:47pm