There is virtually NO WAY to know if they did or didn't say
Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:10pm

anything depicted in the videos because the videos were MANIPULATED and are FAKE.

The video maker could have spliced pieces of remarks together to make them say anything, could have hired actors to read scripts, could have snipped and cut to make it appear to be something it's not, and could have edited it to add to it to change it. There is no way for anyone but an expert in POSSESSION of the videos to know.

That's WHY credibility across the board is SO IMPORTANT. Now it doesn't matter what he may or may not have captured, it's ALL BUPKIS because it's a KNOWN FAKE VIDEO by a KNOWN LIAR with a reputation for video manipulation.

Your using it, KNOWING it is fake, absolutely destroys your credibility too. Don't be surprised by no longer being taken "at your word" as a result. That's a shame because personal credibility really matters. It takes a long time to earn and so little to demolish. The first time, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, even though you didn't express regret or admit that you'd made a mistake because you didn't know. (that was simply in character for you, so I let it pass). Not this time or going forward for a long, long, LONG time because you've burned the "right" to be presumed innocent of deliberate fabrication - because you are now a "known liar". That is VERY different from being mistaken and being taken in/fooled by something you've shared. Thus, it will take a long time to recover from your RE-USING a known faked video after being informed the first time you did it that it's been discredited as BS.

I'm disappointed. Do us both a favor and just suck it up. Don't do your usual obfuscation, ignoring what's been said, and starting again on what they supposedly said. It'll only make you look worse and won't change a thing about the reality of just burning your credibility in public.

  • Again... Just as I asked last time...Sprout, Mon Aug 13 11:26am
    Did those people not say what they said? Is there a claim that they are paid actors?
    • There is virtually NO WAY to know if they did or didn't say — Sia☺giah, Mon Aug 13 1:10pm
      • And you are prepared to presume the worst...Sprout, Mon Aug 13 3:07pm
        I point out that there have been LOTS of examples of people saying an ID requirement disenfranchises blacks particularly and naming many of the SAME excuses that really do portray black people as... more
        • your choice to present the fake video? If you wanted to say that you've seen people say such things (NOT in that video) but personally, or read many articles claiming it, that's fine, it's your... more
          • You loudly repeat the word "fake" but areSprout, Tue Aug 14 9:21am
            totally unable to deny that people said what they said... And are happy to presume that it is IMPOSSIBLE that they did in fact mean what they said. What I KNOW is that Merlin calls the video "fake".... more
            • Yawn... Keep peddling your FAKE VIDEOSia☺giah, Tue Aug 14 9:42am
              See how much credibility you can destroy today and everyday going forward by continuing to defend the indefensible by ignoring what you did and the FACT that the video is so resoundingly discredited... more
        • You do make sense. (nm)BaldFaceHornet🐝, Mon Aug 13 3:59pm
          • No, he doesn't.Sia☺giah, Mon Aug 13 5:33pm
            He presented a known to be false video as evidence that something he believes happened. Then defends using it because, he believes that it happened -- is it because he saw it in the fake video ??? If ... more
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