He has too much integrity to do such a thing.
Mon Aug 13, 2018 6:34pm

The alledged miscreant must have made a simple mistake. Surely it's not deliberate. He has always exhibited the utmost sobriety. Unlike some who post here. Off course we are not taking a vote about the veracity of said alledged fraudulent, but in Lost Wages, I would wager he is honest. And it's certain, given his long tenure as a bbs gadfly, that an apology will be proffered or a high-sign icon will appear in short order for our bemusement.

  • No, he doesn't.Sia☺giah, Mon Aug 13 5:33pm
    He presented a known to be false video as evidence that something he believes happened. Then defends using it because, he believes that it happened -- is it because he saw it in the fake video ??? If ... more
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