You are CLEARLY not paying attention. He did EXACTLY
Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:33pm

that and YES, it was deliberate and it was done AFTER previously doing it and being called on the carpet for it.

He knew. He hasn't denied that he knew beforehand. He hasn't defended himself nor claimed he wasn't aware, mostly because he'd be laughed out of here.

However, you suggesting that he'll apologize in short order or that he has any integrity only proves my point that you're not paying ANY attention at all.

Either that, or you are unquestionably trolling with your praising remarks that are so beyond ridiculous that it's jaw-dropping and laughable.

I tolerate trolling, but it is the height of insult to make such obviously FALSE remarks to me with a straight face.

Either way, you've totally demolished any semblance of you having an ounce of insight into other posters.

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