Prove they were either actors or that they didn't
Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:21am

mean what they said.

I've heard plenty of claims over the years that match exactly what they said. Things like how black people couldn't get to the locations to get an ID. That black people didn't know how to get an ID. I've heard those arguments many times to justify not using photo ID's as a part of our voting process...

Funny how you and Merlin so desperately poison the well rather than even ATTEMPT to address the point. It is quite telling truthfully.

  • Yawn... Keep peddling your FAKE VIDEOSia☺giah, Tue Aug 14 9:42am
    See how much credibility you can destroy today and everyday going forward by continuing to defend the indefensible by ignoring what you did and the FACT that the video is so resoundingly discredited... more
    • Prove they were either actors or that they didn't — Sprout, Tue Aug 14 11:21am
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